University of Louisiana Dr. Misra Chemical Engineering ProfessorIn the months since his recognition in 2009 by the University of Louisiana as a recipient of the Distinguished Professor Award, Dr. Devesh Misra continues to receive recognition for his outstanding work. He has been appointed the editor of the international journal Materials Technology: Advanced Performance Materials.

The journal is dedicated to bridging the gap between innovation and application of cutting-edge technologies and science through succinct, accurate and current reporting of developments worldwide in the synthesis and processing of advanced materials and their applications. Increasing emphasis is being placed in the ability to manufacture structural and functional components of ever smaller feature size, by both top-down and bottom-up approaches, and to manipulate and characterise structures down to the nanoscale.

Dr. Misra was invited to serve as a Ph.D. examiner by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oulu, Finland.

Dr. Misra has been awarded a new US patent (#7,635,518) issued for the invention, “Dendritic Magnetic Nanostructures and Method for Making the Same.” The patented approach involves the fabrication of one-dimensional magnetic nanostructures which are easily magnetically polarized so that they will readily align with the magnetic field. When a magnetic field is applied to these one-dimensional magnetic nanostructures suspended in a medium, the nanostructures are drawn in to bridge the gap between the two magnetic poles. This invention has significant technological interest in high density magnetic recording media and the fabrication of sensors and spintronic devices.

Dr. Misra is currently a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering where he holds the Stuller Endowed Chair in Metallurgy and serves as Director of the Center for Structural and Functional Materials.

The College of Engineering is pleased to congratulate Dr. Misra for his accomplishments.