Head Coach Rickey Bustle and Running Backs/Special Teams Coach Justin Lustig talked about the game at WKU, and homecoming this week hosting FAU.

Rickey Bustle

We are very happy to be 2-0 & undefeated in conference, and to be 4-2 overall. Saturday night there were a lot of positive things.

But honestly, if you look at the stats of the game it looks like we win 60-0. We had more first downs, more rushing yards, more passing yards, more third down conversions, more time of possession, everything.

But the one that gets me the most is that penalty column. I told the kids after the game, "I'm going to rain on your parade." We cannot play that way. It's a matter of focus, of discipline. We still have the least number of penalties in the conference, I think 9 less than the next school. But we had way too many penalties. We had five procedure penalties. We get an interception and we block a guy in the back. We have an opponent pushing our guy out of bounds, and we throw him to turf six yards past the sideline.

If you had come out last night, you would have seen a lot of guys on their bellies. We start off by looking at the film for penalties, and the personal fouls get you "the 100-yard worm," 100 yards on your belly, with your arms behind your back.

We're going to get those things fixed. We are not going to play like that. It comes down to discipline and focus. We had a great week of practice, they just didn't get it done in the game. We are not good enough to win the conference with that lack of focus, and that lack of discipline.

Injuries. I don't think Jordan Topp will be back, I think LaQuincy Williams and Dwight Bentley will be out. I'm not counting on Richie Falgout, that's day by day. Undre Sails, that's a tough thing. They just stood him up and hit him, his leg broke. He'll be having surgery, he may be out for the season.

But I was proud of Yobes Walker. He got more runs, a lot of yardage. He will run over you-- now, it may be one of his own. [laughter] But now he's going to where that hole is supposed to be, as the game went on he started running the hole. I think he had one of the big hits on the game against their free safety. He came up on Yobes, and Yobes won.

We are getting Rodney Gillis back, he's a corner we've been high on since last year. They've released him. We'll slowly start working him in.

I was very, very disappointed with the kick coverage team. It starts with the practice. Brett does a great job in practice, in practice he puts it around the 5 yard line. But our coverage team has got to be better. On two of our better kicks, they got great returns. Justin Lustig & I spent some time on that yesterday.

Getting ready for the game this week, don't be fooled by FAU's record, they're a good team. They've lost some players on defense, but they throw the ball downfield better than anyone we'll see all year. They run a pro set, a lot of play action, and Rusty Smith may be the best quarterback in the league. They're power running and play action. We need to look some more at the film, but they can run. Against UNT both teams had over 500 yards.

Will you activate defensive tackle Brandon McCray?

I doubt it. He missed 3 weeks being sick, and it's too many games into the season.

Has Brad McGuire thrown?

Not the last two weeks. He's going to. We're not afraid for him to throw. But we call the play based on the situation, it just hasn't worked out that we called a passing play when he's in.

What do you make of wide receiver Javone Lawson's progress?

I'm pleased. He's slowly creeping up the stat charts, he's playing more, he was a great signee. The catch he made in the end zone was a heckuva catch. He's probably a 4.4 guy.

What about wide receiver Vernon Wolfe?

He had a lot of snaps last week. He had a big hit this week, he's coming along well.

Chris Masson doesn't tend to run, but McGuire does tend to.

Those are called plays. Sometimes we've called plays where Chris runs.

What about Draylon Booker?

Between UNT & last week, we kind of settled on playing Undre more, but Yobes Walker is going to be the guy now.

In the last two quarterback club meetings there were questions of bad reads on Chris's part.

Chris is improving. They were taking our quarterback, which is why Undre could get up there. WKU wanted Chris, though.

Justin Lustig, Ragin' Cajuns Football, University of LouisianaJustin Lustig

I coach running backs & special team. Today we've started evaluating FAU. They're 1-4, but two of their losses are by a combined 4 points. The others are Nebraska, where they did about like we did, and USC whom they played tough.

They're a good team, explosive on offense, they have 10 returning starters including the quarterback. They think they have two tight ends who are as good as ours, both seniors. Some people expect the quarterback to be a draft pick.

They run a 4-3 defense, with only three starters returning. They lost good personnel at all three linebacker positions, and last year they could keep the the three safeties high. This year they're packing the box more. If they play the box, we have to pass. If they put the safeties high we need to challenge the linebackers.

Our offensive line is banged up, but they're all players. Fisher & Bustle have shoulder injuries.

With our running backs, the young ones will dance too much, because in high school they could do that. You have to get them to run downhill, not bounce outside. So we're trying to get them to hit the hole hard. Yobes has started doing that, so now we can loosen up with him a little, if the hole closes he can start to move around.

Draylon Booker has more speed than the other running backs. We're trying to get him to be the second guy. He's still young, he tends to fumble some, and that scares you. He'll dance and get a three yard loss, but then he'll get you 20.

Special teams, on the kickoff is the ball getting there to fast?

Yes. Brett Baer's a young kicker without a great leg. You want a 4.0 hang time. We've been 3.2 to 3.5. That is the difference between a lineman getting there vs. an NFL receiver. You don't like to squib kick, it's 50/50. If he fields it cleanly, you can be in trouble. In the WKU game we called for deep left, and he put it in the middle. One of their guys fumbled it and we recovered. We weren't happy with the kick, but it turned out OK.

We've taken some guys off of special teams because of injuries, we need to get them back.

Will you give Lance Kelly another shot at kicking?

He's been playing a bit more, and he's being asked to do a lot. We can't find the practice time to work with him. But yeah, we've talked about it.

Brett's getting better, we're working with him.

Draylon Booker looks like a wide receiver.

Yeah, he's about 6 foot, 6-1, about 180, we want him to get bigger. He's got to grow into his body. But he is physical, he will run through people.

Blaine Gautier, have you talked about using him?

He's the third string quarterback, and he's fast. We've used him a bit a kickoff, but you don't want him in there too much. All it would take is a couple of injuries, and we would need him ready to play quarterback.

We're feeling good about Chris & Brad at the position, so except for some trick plays, we're not planning to use him.

Punt and kickoff has been weak all year, this game it was better.

Well, you go against Nebraska & LSU, it's not a good comparison. Nebraska has a guy they think will go in the top three rounds, just for his kickoff coverage. So we've been going against some better teams. UNT did some things that gave us trouble. They have a starburst scheme that's hard to cover, we had to adjust to that.

The other thing is having rookie returners. Orkeys Aurienne bounced the ball off his shoulders. He was running away from the kick, he misjudged it. We decided to forget the homerun, we just need to move the ball. So we put Louis Lee in. Louis is more experienced, he knows where to be.

We're something like number 20 in the US in punt returns.

What was the attitude of the players after the WKU game?

Everyone is miserable. We all know we can play better. Right now we feel like we're 0-6, and that may be a good thing.

I think Bustle did a good thing after the game. The players weren't hooting & hollering but they were happy, and Coach stomped on that fast. They know we have to play better to win a conference championship.

At fullback, are we moving guys around?

Matt Desormeaux & Geoffrey McCullough are our guys there, they are solid.

With FAU, will we try to flush the quarterback?

The things that deter you from passing is not so much running all blitzes, but soft covers. The blitz eliminates some coverage guys, and that opens the pass. On the other hand, with Rusty Smith you want to take away his rhythm, too. That's where the zone blitz comes in. You want to make the quarterback beat you with short quick throws.