Rickey Bustle and Linebackers Coach Tim Rebowe talk about the loss at LSU, and the upcoming contest at Nebraska.

UL Head Football Coach Rickey Bustle

The great thing about this team, they weren't disappointed. They were p.o.'d. They were ticked.

In a game like that, you have to take advantage of the opportunities you get. Our defense was playing with so much passion. When they're playing, they have a look in their eyes, they have passion. There were two potential interceptions that would have been big for us, maybe put points up.

Offensively, when you can't pitch & catch... we dropped six balls out there in the first half. On one interception, Masson had his throwing arm hit, the other was just a mistake.

We have to make those plays. I'll never tell them they have to play a perfect game, but you have to take advantage of the opportunities.

We had it down there on the goal line. It was a missed block, the guy missed his assignment. And I still think we had a safety down there.

When we give them the game itinerary, we put a quote on it. This week I put, "I will take passion over athleticism any time."

I wasn't even sure what I would say to them after the game. They were ticked, and I like that. It wasn't a moral victory. They think they can win, and we can. We're catching Nebraska at a great time if that's possible. It's their homecoming. I told the kids that we have a great opportunity to knock someone else off a large horse.

We physically got after them, which surprised me. Not just LSU's injuries... when two went down at one point, on the headset I heard our guys in the box say, "There go two more." I was impressed when Hall Davis put the two tackles in the quarterback's lap.

When they came out, LSU wanted to flex their muscles, they wanted to score several times. It didn't happen for them. Our defense hung in there, made an interception.

We don't get to live with the wins long, and we don't get to live with the losses. Any questions?

Coach this isn't a question, it's a comment. I did not hear anything negative from the LSU fans post-game, they didn't even talk. They knew it was a tough game.

Thank you.


Antwyne Zanders, ankle, he should play. Lance Kelly shouldn't have played, Maurice Rolle shouldn't have played. Chris Richards probably won't play this week, he's got an ankle. Gerron Blount has a big lump on his leg, he wasn't sure how he got it.

On offense, we have a couple of people back. We put a couple of linemen in at the end of the game; we've been basically playing with seven guys up front. During the game on the last LSU drive, we decided that if they scored, we wanted to put everybody in to let them get their snaps. They need to learn to run the offense.

One guy that came back was Laquincy Williams, I thought he played well.

It was his first game back. We call him 'Mr. Green' out there because he's always in green. But he came back. And we're getting Nate Douglas back. He was cleared on Friday.

What about Jermaine Rogers?

Nothing, he's fine. They rotate through.

Why didn't we try to score at the end of the game?

We talked about it, how we wanted our linemen, Yobes Walker to get some work. Yobes lined up on the wrong side twice. We had two guys in their first two minute drill, we needed to get them in.

You didn't take some passes at the end of the game. Why not?

We wanted to on the last shot, it didn't work out. But we wanted to.

How did Phillip Nevels do?

Tim Rebowe: He made some mistakes, but he's a big effort guy. He did OK.

What about Melvin White?

He's a big, tall corner. He was in on the touchdown play, he missed that one. It looked like Gerron Blount's fault, but Melvin was supposed to be over there.

How is Richie Falgout?

We'd like to get him back. Ankles are slow things.

Right now there are only two schools in the US that haven't give up a sack, Kentucky and UL.

Our kids up front are playing well. We need to get Draylon Booker in there more. 

Tim Rebowe, Linebackers Coach, Ragin' Cajuns Football, University of LouisianaLinebackers Coach Tim Rebowe

At linebacker, we felt it was a game of missed opportunities. Our guys felt they could play. Since I've been here, this is the fastest defense we've had. We try to use the linebackers to make things to happen.

We had four or five opportunities in the last drive before the half that would have stopped the drive, chances for picks or blocked passes. We just have to get everybody to have the confidence to play.

Riding the bus in, it was great, our players saw the UL fans tailgating, in the stands, all of the Cajuns fans supporting us. And our guys know a lot of the LSU guys, they played together or against each other in high school.

Coach Fouquier talked to [LSU Offensive Coordinator Gary] Crowton last night. You do that, you call the opposing coaches after a game for anything they saw that you might be missing. Fou asked him if there was anything he could help us with. He had nothing but good things to say about the Cajuns.

Nebraska, how does their team speed compare to LSU?

I don't know if they have as much speed, but they're a lot, lot bigger. Across the front, the starting tackle is 6' 5", 315, and his backup is 6' 7". They have a receiver that can run, their running back can run. The quarterback is very efficient.

Tyron Benoit played, Devon Lewis-Buchanon, too. How are they progressing?

Brooks has a cast, we don't know if he'll be ready to go. Tyron Benoit is out there. He got thrown to the wolves last year, and this year he hasn't gotten as many reps. He's not sure of himself yet.

Last week when Nebraska played Virginia Tech, their defensive line looked more physical than LSU's.

LSU gets off the ball, Nebraska tends to just stand there and stop you. They only blitz about 25% of the time. They man blitz rather than zone blitz.

The Nebraska defense is giving up 9 points and about 300 yards a game, the offense has averaged 30 points & 400 yards. They played ASU & FAU, the joke is they want to go 3-0 in the Sun Belt.  We should have a good scouting report for them. The Huskers have five or six tight ends, they want to run and pound it. We should be able to run some things against them, but we have to hold up physically.

Can we up the tempo and wear them down?

We're going to try to use our speed, zone blitz a lot.

What was the main thing you learned at LSU, the coaches and the team?

That we can play with anybody. Our kids don't want the pats on the back and hear that they 'played a good game'. They know the goal.

We want to be playing in New Orleans in December.