Rickey Bustle & Gerald Broussard review the game with KSU, and the upcoming contest at LSU.

Before Coach Bustle spoke, there were some announcements.

John Claude Arceneaux with the Alumni Association said that there were a few seats left on the bus to the LSU game, it leaves at noon Saturday. Call 337.432.0900 for more information.

Gerald Hebert said that the Ragin' Cajuns Athletic Foundation has gotten off to a very good start, and they haven't really started pushing it yet. He challenged each person to get one person to join. RCAF will be the thing that allows us to take the next step in all sports.

His e-mail address is sports@louisiana.edu. He noted that a few years ago, he got a lead on someone he had never heard about. He contacted him, the guy has now given over $70K in the last two years. All the time people tell him they've never donated, because they've never been asked. He asked that when each of us gets a moment, to sit down and make a list of people who care about the University. E-mail it to him or bring it to the Quarterback Club.

Head Coach Rickey Bustle

I do want to say how much we appreciate the fans that were there Saturday. You were loud. Two of KSU's procedure penalties I credit to the fans, and the students. KSU jumped at least twice because they couldn't hear.

Obviously, it was a great night for us, it was a hard-fought battle. That was the best defensive football game since I've been here. They were worn a bit in the 4th quarter, but they hung in there. Antwyn Zanders was the Sun Belt Player of the Week, he had 14 tackles, and he could have gotten a few more.

We moved their quarterback around. We didn't sack him, but a lot of the bad throws were when he was moving his feet.

A lot of guys stepped up, Phillip Nevels, Lance Kelly, a lot of them. We were so fortunate that we have developed some depth in key positions. But those defensive players, it was just exciting to watch those guys.

Daylon McCoy, you heard his name this week. Two weeks ago you didn't hear about him, he knew he didn't have a good game. But I think he had the two tackles for losses.

Offensively, we shot ourselves in the foot. Some guys up front played very well individually. But on offense, you miss a block, and the play doesn't go.

We've talked about what we did in the 2nd half. We need to take a training wheel off of Masson. He played well, he had a couple of misreads. We've got people going deep sometimes, but they're often decoys. We need to get Chris able to understand we're clearing out areas to get people open.

Jorge Muñoz does a good job of calling plays. On defense if you're in doubt, you just blitz 'em. But on offense, it's a lot harder.

We had a couple of good drives in the 2nd quarter. But to have our defense stop them twice inside our own 20, and to block two of their kicks-- not many people saw it, but we got a small deflection on both of those misses.

Tyler Albrecht, I have to eat some words on him. I've probably been a little rough on him. When he went out to kick the ball, I really didn't want to look. But then I realized if I didn't look, nobody might see it. But he made the field goal. It was a great accomplishment for him.

There are still a lot of things to work on. We need to be better on kickoff. I don't ever want the quarterback to feel like he has to win the game. We have a few injuries.

This week we're facing a heckuva team, one we think we can play with. We're coming after 'em.

But we realize we have a lot to improve on. We always look for weaknesses, there aren't a lot of them on the LSU team. Are they playing together? Not as much as they might want. But neither are we.

We talk to the kids about the long season, about the ups and downs. Right now we're getting the pats on the back, they're reading the newspapers. They gotta put that behind them, it's a long season.

Last week you noted that there were some mismatches with KSU that you wanted to try to exploit. What were they?

I'll let Coach Broussard answer that one.

Gerald Broussard:
We thought Grant Fleming matched up well with their tight end, we thought we matched up well with our quickness. The interference call on Grant was questionable.

We were bringing the linebackers on the inside blitz. A lot of time we brought the defensive ends in. And we thought Daylon McCoy would be really hard to block.

Rickey Bustle:
Our linemen aren't easily impressed. But if you ask them, every one of them will tell you they can't get Daylon on the ground. He's like a cat.

Derreck Dean was a load in there.

He is a load. He's a strong, strong bull in there and he plays hard.


Chris Richard is doubtful, Devon Lewis-Buchanon we think will be back. Richard Brooks broke a bone in his arm, but it may be one of those things he'll be back in a few games. Richie Falgout I think will practice tomorrow. Maurice Rolle should be OK. Nasser Jamal and Colin Windsor, we miss those guys, we'll see If they're back.

On the punting, sometimes we punted straight away, sometimes rugby.

We always punt to the slant, but sometimes we change the lineup. When we get to the 50 to 35 going in, we're going to put it on the rug.

Your team was named #1 in blocked kicks over the last 10 years, and you're #3 in the US this year now. Congratulations.

Thank you.

[There were several compliments about the players, how nice it was that they thanked the crowd and were sincere about it; and how much character and cohesiveness this team shows.]

When we leave hotels, sometimes they'll tell us we're the nicest group they've ever had. We stress teamwork and team building, and we hold them accountable. I don't always remember to pass on those compliments, but I will today.

Gerald Broussard, Defensive Line Coach, Ragin' Cajuns Football, University of LouisianaDefensive Line Coach Gerald Broussard.

[Note: Coach Broussard talks like a Gatling gun, and he is very funny. He is also very irreverent. The following notes have been Bowdlerized, and only capture part of what he said, and some of his humor.]

This week we're playing LSU, and that's about the last time you'll hear me say the name. I don't have anything against them, I'm just not interested except that they're the team we're playing this week.

When I was growing up, momma was running the bank on the UL campus, and I was a ball boy. One evening the phone rang, my dad picked it up and said, "Gerald, it's for you."

"Who is it, daddy?" I asked.

"It's somebody from LSU."

"What do they want with me?"

"I think he wants to recruit you."

"Daddy, I don't want to talk to that man." Now, when another school called me and offered me a car, I wanted to talk to him. But my dad bought me a car.

They have players. [Defensive Coordinator] John Chavis has changed the defense, they use a nickel, an 8-man front, they have a little more speed. They have Harry Coleman at weak side linebacker, he's similar to Daylon. Chavis likes to talk about blitzing, speed. I did a clinic in Lake Charles with him. I think they're buying into his strategy.

Offensively they are big. We've seen that. I don't know if you saw KSU up close, but they are some large, large children.

We don't always have the size matchups. If Derreck Dean walked in here, you'd be giving him your plate to take away. You'd never know he played football. We call him 'Thumper'. My boy takes sunglasses to the game and says "Thumper's so bright I need shades."

They are very large, their tight end is a rangy guy, and they are loaded at receiver. They've lost a tailback from last week. They're playing with 2 quarterbacks with the true freshman out of Houston.

Gary Crowton is Offensive Coordinator, he was head coach at Louisiana Tech when Coach Fouquier was there. I collect game sheets and stuff like that, trying to understand how other people do things. Crowton has a playlist segregated by plays and players, trying to keep all of his guys happy.

We don't have that issue. We're just trying to keep the fans happy.

If you talk to the scouts, they feel the team in Baton Rouge has 15 guys who will be drafted, we have one or two.

Our guys have a different mentality. When we start on Sunday night, we do up-downs for loafs. A loaf is, I'm blocked out and the runner gets past me, I'd better go after him; I'm knocked down, I have to get up and run after the ball; I'm coming after the quarterback, when he throws, I turn and go after it. We don't expect our fat children to lope off 50 yards and make a tackle, no. But they'd better always be showing some hustle.

So when we start, each player runs out, says his name, and announces the number of loafs. If he had none, we clap. If not, he does up-downs. If you've got a broken arm, you're doing sit ups.

In the game, coming off the defensive line we had only two loafs all game. So we needed more loafs. We have a play, 'punt safe'. This is to cover for punt fakes, we practice that in t-shirts, the guys just stand there. But we've always warned them they could get loafs for punt safe. So we graded them on punt safe and got three more loafs. We find a way to hold these guys accountable.

We don't dumb it down for them, they're gonna be respectful, and appreciative. We know when we go across the Basin, we want passion.

I don't listen to the radio call-in shows. I love you guys, I just don't care what you think. People have been saying we would lose three of our first four games. Come look at some film, we were the better team Saturday.

When you look at the schedule, we're 2-0. Sometimes we're fighting with a stick, and it's a gun fight. Don't matter. We could be playing the Steelers, and you could ask one of my guys, "What do you think about their O line?"

"Coach Broussard says they [stink]." That's all they know.

I work really, really hard for my kids to understand how much I like living in Lafayette. I don't wanna move no more.

Thursday we were disappointed with the way we practiced. I used a lot of bad words out there. And I have to go out and recruit after that. So I'm out there texting these guys-- using a lot of bad words-- trying to get them to understand where we are, and what opportunities we have.

People ask me if I was nervous about the kick Saturday and I say no, because we were supposed to win it. There was no doubt in my mind we would get down and kick the goal. My concern was that we might leave too much time on the clock.

The bottom line is, Who makes the plays to win the game?

There's gonna be a lot of collisions. There were a lot this week, but it's the first 'meaningful touch' that counts.

We're going to play hard. We can always play with passion. We would have been embarrassed by Southern if we didn't have passion.

One thing I want to say, I've been all over the place. People ask me, "How could you coach at McNeese?" It's very easy: they paid me.

The thing that always bothered me, since I came here to play in 1979, everyone has always said we're a 'diamond in the rough'. Why the rough? A few years ago, who was Boise? Who was ECU? We regularly beat them when I was here. Who was Louisville? And UConn didn't even have football.

Academically we are internationally known all over the place. This diamond should be polished. Dwight Prudhomme was offered by Tennessee, I was offered by Mississippi State. We bought in to this place. A few years later, they told me I was Augie's last doggie.

This isn't like other places, this isn't like other communities. People have so much here. I don't know if you know Jonathan Decoster. Now Decoster, that's a full-grown man. At first, he hated it here because he was so far from home. But recently he broke down in front of the team saying how much he loves this place.

I didn't miss UL, I missed ya'll. I'm in Scottsdale AZ, I use dirty words and I'm hollerin', and people are looking at me like I'm on weed. When I go get my coffee in the morning here, people are happy to see me, they're hollerin' back. People just like each other here.

You don't get what we have here other places. You don't appreciate it until you're not here.

I know we've got some things going at UL, but this should be a bowling ball of butcher knives. This is when we need to get things going. Times are tough, the economy's down. But people say that when prices are low, it's time to buy.

Well, it's time to buy.