ultoday.com's sister website, booksXYZ.com, has launched a weekly ranking of the best books from public university presses. Last Days of Last Island from the UL Press debuts at #14 on the list.

booksXYZ.com, the Nonprofit Bookstore Supporting Education, today initiated a top 25 list of books from public university presses. The rankings will become a weekly listing of noteworthy books from public universities that are performing well by sales and other metrics, collected from the web and other sources.

"We're very excited about this new project," says booksXYZ.com President Joseph N. Abraham, MD. "This combines several of our key objectives: education; books & reading; a well-informed electorate; and how the university interacts with the public, a key objective of the public university in a democracy."

booksXYZ.com is a full-service online bookstore sending all proceeds to education. 5% of each purchase may be directed to the school of the customer's choice. All 120,000 schools in the US, kindergarten through college, are listed in the website database and are eligible for the 5% dedication program.

booksXYZ.com is a project of The Acadiana Educational Endowment & The American Public School Endowments. The AEE+APSE have distributed over $600,000 to public schools, much of it in south Louisiana after the hurricanes. A full listing of AEE+APSE donations is available on booksXYZ.com.

Comprehensive information on the following titles is available at booksXYZ.com.

#1cover - Stubborn Twig,Kessler, Lauren/ Kulongoski, Theodore R. (FRW),0870714171,9780870714177
Stubborn Twig / Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family
Lauren Kessler, forward by Theodore R. Kulongoski
Oregon State University Press

Paperback - $12.32

In 1903 Masuo Yasui traveled from Japan across the other Oregon Trail:  the one that spanned the Pacific Ocean.

#2Pedaling Revolution, Mapes, Jeff, Arizona State University Press
Pedaling Revolution / How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities
Jeff Mapes
Arizona State University Press

Paperback - $12.97

The growing bike culture that is changing the look and feel of cities, suburbs, and small towns across North America.


The Circuit, University of New Mexico Press

The Circuit / Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child
Francisco Jimenez
University of New Mexico Press

Paperback - $7.77

...a father holds open a hole in a wire fence as his wife and two small boys crawl through.

#4Pathologies of Power,Farmer, Paul/ Sen, Martha, University of California Press
Pathologies of Power / Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor
Paul Farmer, forward by Martha Sen
University of California Press

Paperback - $12.32

Harrowing stories of life— and death— in extreme situations interrogates our understanding of human rights.

#5To the Gates of Stalingrad,Glantz, David M./ House, Jonathan M., University Press of Kansas
To the Gates of Stalingrad / Soviet-German Combat Operations, April-August 1942
David M. Glantz & Jonathan M. House
University Press of Kansas

Hardcover - $25.97

The battle between the Germans and Soviets was a turning point in WWII and a symbol of that war's power and devastation.

The Last Century of Sea Power,Willmott, H. P., Indiana University PressThe Last Century of Sea Power / From Port Arthur to Chanak, 1894-1922
H. P. Willmott

Indiana University Press
Hardcover - $22.72

The first volume of a magisterial study of naval power in the 20th century.

#7Cooking from the Heart,Scripter, Sami/ Yang, Sheng,University of Minnesota Press
Cooking from the Heart / The Hmong Kitchen in America
Sami Scripter & Sheng Yang

University of Minnesota Press
Hardcover - $19.47

The first cookbook of Hmong-American cuisine, filled with unique recipes and stories.

#8Simulacra and Simulation, Baudrillard, Jean/ Glaser, Sheila Faria (TRN), University of Michigan Press
Simulacra and Simulation

Jean Baudrillard, translated by Sheila Faria Glaser
University of Michigan Press

Paperback - $10.37

The first full-length translation into English of an essential work of postmodernist thought.



Worried Sick,Hadler, Nortin M., University of North Carolina

Worried Sick / A Prescription for Health in an Overtreated America
Nortin M. Hadler

University of North Carolina Press
Hardcover - $18.20

While access to health care in is widely debated, Hadler argues that an even more important issue is being overlooked.

#10 The Sheriff of Ramadi,Couch, Dick, Naval Insitute Pres
The Sheriff of Ramadi / Navy Seals and the Winning of al-Anbar
Dick Couch

Naval Institute Press
Hardcover - $19.47

The SEALs' ability to adapt and evolve in an urban battle space and their code of brotherhood were key to their success.

#11We Used to Own the Bronx,Pell, Eve, SUNY Press
We Used to Own the Bronx / Memoirs of a Former Debutante
Eve Pell

SUNY Press
Hardcover - $14.95

An inside story of privilege, inherited wealth, and the bizarre values and customs of the American upper crust.

The Madness of Mary Lincoln, Emerson, Jason, Southern Illinois University PressThe Madness of Mary Lincoln
Jason Emerson

Southern Illinois University Press
Hardcover - $19.47

In 2005, historian Jason Emerson discovered a steamer trunk formerly owned by Robert Todd Lincoln's lawyer.

#13The Adventures of Ibn Battuta,Dunn, Ross E., University of California Press
The Adventures of Ibn Battuta / A Muslim Traveler of the 14th Century
Ross E. Dunn

University of California Press
Paperback - $14.27

The exploits of the legendary Moroccan traveler.

#14Last Days of Last Island: The Hurricane of 1856, Louisiana's First Great Storm,Bill Dixon, University of Louisiana Press
Last Days of Last Island: The Hurricane of 1856, Louisiana's First Great Storm
Bill Dixon

University of Louisiana Press
Paperback - $20.00

History of the Great Hurricane of 1856, which destroyed the coastal Louisiana community of Isle Dernière, Last Island.

#15 \Truth, Lies, and O-Rings,McDonald, Allan J./ Hansen, James R., University Press of Florida
Truth, Lies, and O-Rings / Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Allan J. McDonald & James R. Hansen
University Press of Florida
Hardcover - $25.97

The first look at the Challenger tragedy from someone who tried to prevent it. 

Why Evolution Works (And Creationism Fails),Young, Matt/ Strode, Paul R., Rutgers University PressWhy Evolution Works (And Creationism Fails)
Matt Young & Paul R. Strode
Rutgers University Press

Paperback - $18.88

An impassioned argument in favor of science-- primarily the theory of evolution-- and against creationism.

#17cover - Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois & Surrounding States,Mcfarland, Joe/ Mueller, Gregory M., University of Illinois Press
Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois & Surrounding States / A Field-to-Kitchen Guide
Joe Mcfarland & Gregory M. Mueller
University of Illinois Press

Paperback - $16.22

The comprehensive guide to wild mushrooms in the heartland--perfect for the coffee table, glove box, and kitchen.

#18cover - Proudly We Speak Your Name,Moran, Michael J., University of Arkansas Press
Proudly We Speak Your Name / Fourty-Four Years at Little Rock Catholic High School
Michael J. Moran

University of Arkansas Press
Hardcover - $16.22

A feast of memories for alumni of Little Rock’s Catholic High School—and parochial educators everywhere.

#19Death in a Prairie House , University of Wisconsin Press
Death in a Prairie House / Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders
William R. Drennan
University of Wisconsin Press

Paperback - $11.02

The 1914 brutal murders of seven adults and children dear to the architect, and the destruction by fire of Taliesin.

#20American Salvage,Campbell, Bonnie Jo, Wayne State Press
American Salvage
Bonnie Jo Campbell

Wayne State University Press
Paperback - $12.32

Short stories rich with local color and peopled with rural characters who love and hate extravagantly.

#21Something's Rising,House, Silas/ Howard, Jason, University of Kentucky Press
Something's Rising / Appalachians Fighting Mountaintop Removal

Silas House & Jason Howard

University of Kentucky Press
Hardcover - $18.17

Oral histories of mountaintop removal, an ecologically devastating form of coal mining.

#22The Armchair Birder,Yow, John, University of North Carolina Press
The Armchair Birder / Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds
John Yow

University of North Carolina Press
Hardcover - $16.25

The most fascinating birds can be the ones perched right outside our windows.


Solidarity Stories,Schwartz, Harvey, University of Washington Press

Solidarity Stories / An Oral History of the ILWU
Harvey Schwartz

University of Washington Press
Paperback - $16.22

Members talk about their lives at work, on the picket line, and in the union.

Ignaz Friedman,Evans, Allan, Indiana University PressIgnaz Friedman / Romantic Master Pianist
Allan Evans

Indiana University Press
Hardcover - $25.97

The vibrant performing career of a legendary pianist.

#25 Going Green,Pritchett, Laura (EDT), University of Oklahoma Press
Going Green / True Tales from Gleaners, Scavengers, and Dumpster Divers

Laura Pritchett, Editor

University of Oklahoma Press
Paperback - $12.97

What re-using-- or not-- says about our culture and priorities.