Wed: Festival Acadiens Week: Jimmy Breaux 8pm
Thur: Ray Abshire 8pm
Fri: Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole, The Bluerunners w/ Special guest Joseph Edgar from Nova Scotia 8pm
Sat: Lost Bayou Ramblers and Pine Leaf Boys 8pm
Sun: Festival Acadiens Week Ends with Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys and Feufollet 8pm

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Shows scheduled this week at the Blue Moon.


Wednesday October 7th - Festival Acadiens Week

Jimmy Breaux - 8PM

jimmy breaux     Jimmy Breaux is acknowledged to be one of the best Cajun accordionists of the modern era. The accordion player for the Grammy Award-winning group Beausoleil, Breaux is another Louisiana performer who comes from a musical dynasty.
     Breaux is in the fourth generation of his family to play Cajun music. Among his musical relatives are his father Preston Breaux, grandfather Amédé Breaux, his brother Pat Breaux, his great grandfather Auguste Breaux, and his great-aunt Cleoma Breaux. The latter was married to Joe Falcon, one of the great Cajun musicians of the 1930s. Together, the couple led the way for the Cajun musicians of today, like their great-nephew. Even when Breaux, who was born in 1966, was coming up, the Cajun people in Louisiana were still being put down for their culture and punished for speaking French. It was the legendary fiddler Dewey Balfa who first captured the attention and acceptance of mainstream America. And it was the popular group Beausoleil, which Jimmy Breaux joined at the age of 18 in 1984, that really spread the gospel of Cajun to the world. The title of one of their CDs, Cajunization, says it all.

Happy Hours 5-7PM
with 3 for 1 well drinks

Thursday October 8th - Festival Acadiens Week

Ray Abshire - 8PM

ray abshireRecognized as a master musician, and one of the resurgence leaders of Cajun Music, Ray now enjoys conducting workshops, teaching at music camps and performing at major festivals both nationally and abroad.

Ray's music is unfiltered and has its own wholesome electricity. He plays it the way it was handed down to him and understands the importance of preserving the authenticity of one of this nation's great "folk" musics. Each and every time you attend a Ray Abshire performance, you are guaranteed the "real deal"!  

Happy Hour
with 1/2 price drinks | 5-7pm


Friday October 9th - Festival Acadien Week continues with

Cedric Watson and Bijou Creole and The Bluerunners with

special guest Joseph Edgar from Nova Scotia - 8PM

cedric watsonA rising star on the international music scene, Cedric continues to explore the roots of Louisiana's Creole music with his own band, Bijoux Creole. Playing a variety of old-school zydeco styles, original material and Creole traditionals, the polyrhythmic and syncopated sounds of Africa and the Caribbean are unmistakable in this ensemble of talented musicians.

Cedric has been making a name for himself reviving the old Creole fiddling styles of Canray Fontenot and Bebe Carrier, injecting a healthy dose of his own personality and ingenuity, and bringing them to an ever-broadening audience. He has played across the United States as well as in France, Nova Scotia, Haiti and Spain, and would like next to go to West Africa and other parts of the French Caribbean. He has a keen interest in connecting Louisiana Creole music back to its homelands. "I want to present the Creole Nation of Louisiana to the Creole Nations in other parts of the world, to make these Creole cultures aware of the one in Louisiana, and vice versa."

Happy Hour 1/2 price drinks | 5-7pm

Saturday October 10th - Festival Acadiens Week

Lost Bayou Ramblers and Pine Leaf Boys - 8PM

Over the past 300 years, a cultural amalgam has been percolating in south Louisiana. The resulting cultural distillate gave rise to both Bayou Country's world famous cuisine and a musical concentrate that conveys the passions, tribulations, and elations of the Cajun people. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the Lost Bayou Ramblers are the keepers of the flame, champions of Cajun music's cultural past. Grammy-nominated and ready to roll for Festival Acadiens, don't miss this night with the Lost Bayou Ramblers at Blue Moon Saloon.

plbLouisiana's finest, two-time Grammy-Nominated Pine Leaf Boys have made a name for presenting their own inimitable brand of Cajun music with youthful exuberance. Hailing from the southwest Louisiana, the Pine Leaf Boys, known for their wild shows and thoughtful arrangements, have breathed new life into Cajun music, reviving ancient songs and bringing them to the bandstand. Being described as, "... the link that connects the young and the old generations," and, "the best new, energetic, and fun Cajun band in a very long time," the Pine Leaf Boys play the old fashion dance hall standards while making a priority to bring many of the more obscure songs of past masters into their repertoire and play them with gusto.

Sunday October 11th - Festival Acadiens Week ends with

Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys and Feufollet - 8PM

feumamou playboys

The band is called Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. The guy in the middle holds a button-box that squeezes like an accordion, but shouts hallelujah like a big brass band. The fiddle cracks wise and warm, the guitar falls off the edge of the earth, and the rhythm section is purring rumble like a Coupe DeVille of shark-fin vintage. It all flows as a liquid-smooth groove, topped with three heartfelt voices harmonizing in 17th-century French from the steamy sub-tropics.

Although Feufollet has often been hailed as the future of Cajun music, a more current assessment must admit that they are now the present of Cajun music. Once idolized at at early age for their precocious musicianship and sent all over the world as youthful emblems of Acadiana's cultural resurgence, the members of Feufollet have, in the meantime, grown into the music as young adults. While Feufollet remains central to the neotraditionalist brush fire they helped ignite as youths, their latest album finds the band coming into its own and pushing the envelope, leading the way once again as Cajun music extends itself into a new century.


215 East Convent Street | Lafayette, Louisiana 70501