Senate Bill 335 could restore some of the funding for higher education. But the fight is not over.

Yesterday the Louisiana Senate voted to pass SB 335 to restore part of the funding for higher education.  The vote was  29 'Yeas', 9 'Nays' and 1 Absence.

The fight is not over.  Now the Bill goes to the House, and we are already hearing rumblings that some factions are trying to kill it.  We will relay information on what we can do to keep the Bill alive in the next few days, but in the meantime there is something very important that we can all do.

Senators and Legislators from each part of the state are in constant contact.  Please call and/or eMail your Senator below (if you have any questions about which Senator represents you, click on the District Maps).  If the voted for the Bill, thank them and ask them to continue to speak to their corresponding Legislators in the House, and ask them to support the Bill as well.

If your Senator voted against it, please politely express your disappointment with them, and ask they reconsider their vote.

They will relay your responses to the involved Legislators, and in this way we can prepare them to work to pass the Bill through the House as well.

 Distr Senator                      Vote    Town           Phone eMail District
1 A.G. Crowe No Slidell (985) 643-3600 eMail Map
2 Ann Duplessis Yes New Orleans (504) 243-7795 eMail Map
3 Jean-Paul J. Morrell Yes New Orleans (504) 284-4794 eMail Map
4 Senator Edwin R. Murray Yes New Orleans (504) 945-0042 eMail Map
5 Cheryl A. Gray Evans Yes New Orleans (504) 568-2098 eMail Map
6 Julie Quinn Yes Metairie (504) 219-4640 eMail Map
7 David Heitmeier Yes New Orleans (504) 361-6356 eMail Map
8 John A. Alario, Jr. No Westwego (504) 340-2221 eMail Map
9 Conrad Appel No Metairie (504) 838-5550 eMail Map
10 Daniel "Danny" Martiny Yes Metairie (504) 834-7676 eMail Map
11 Jack Donahue No Mandeville (985) 727-7949 eMail Map
12 Ben Nevers Yes Bogalusa (985) 732-6863 eMail Map
13 Dale M. Erdey Yes Livingston (225) 686-2881 eMail Map
14 Yvonne Dorsey Yes Baton Rouge (225) 342-9700 eMail Map
15 Sharon Weston Broome Yes Baton Rouge (225) 359-9352 eMail Map
16 Dan Claitor Yes Baton Rouge (225) 765-0206 eMail Map
17 Robert Marionneaux, Jr. Absent Livonia (225) 637-3623 eMail Map
18 "Jody" Amedee Yes Gonzales (225) 644-1526 eMail Map
19 Joel T. Chaisson, II Yes Destrehan (985) 764-9911 eMail Map
20 Reggie P. Dupre, Jr. Yes Houma (985) 876-9902 eMail Map
21 D. A. "Butch" Gautreaux Yes Morgan City (800) 562-3204 eMail Map
22 Troy Hebert Yes New Iberia (337) 365-8484 eMail Map
23 Michael J. "Mike" Michot Yes Lafayette (337) 262-1332 eMail Map
24 Elbert L. Guillory Yes Opelousas (337) 943-2457 eMail Map
25 Dan "Blade" Morrish Yes Jennings (337) 824-3979 eMail Map
26 "Nick" Gautreaux No Abbeville (337) 740-6425 eMail Map
27 Willie L. Mount Yes Lake Charles (337) 491-2016 eMail Map
28 Eric LaFleur Yes Ville Platte (337) 363-5019 eMail Map
29 Joe McPherson Yes Woodworth (318) 484-2211 eMail Map
30 John R. Smith No Leesville (800) 259-2709 eMail Map
31 Gerald Long Yes Winnfield (318) 628-5799 eMail Map
32 Neil Riser No Columbia (318) 649-0977 eMail Map
33 Mike Walsworth No West Monroe (318) 396-5499 eMail Map
34 Francis Thompson Yes Delhi (318) 878-9408 eMail Map
35 Robert W. Kostelka Yes Monroe (800) 508-5572 eMail Map
36 Robert Adley Yes Benton (318) 965-1755 eMail Map
37 B.L. "Buddy" Shaw No Shreveport (318) 861-5941 eMail Map
38 Sherri Smith Cheek Yes Keithville (318) 687-4820 eMail Map
39 Lydia P. Jackson Yes Shreveport (318) 676-7029 eMail Map