RCAF, the Ragin' Cajuns Athletic Foundation, unveiled its plans Friday to meet the immediate and long term goals of the University's Athletic Department.

Athletics Complex, Ragin' Cajuns, University of LouisianaFans and supporters gathered to meet the RCAF board members and discuss the organizations plans to meet the needs of a growing Athletics Department.

"Our goal is to provide both a stable financial base for the operating needs of the Athletics Department and lead an aggressive capital and endowment drive that will allow our athletic program to successfully compete at the Division I level" said John Bordelon, Chair of the RCAF board. "Many throughout our community share the dream of championships for all our athletics programs. We want to make those dreams a reality."

As part of the goal to establish a financial base to meet the growing demands of the athletics program the board has created the first Annual Fund for Athletics. "This Fund is a way for our fans to receive direct benefits for their gifts and help advance Ragin' Cajun Athletics." said Senior Associate Athletic Director Scott Farmer." "We spent months creating a plan to develop an Annual Fund which was recently approved by the RCAF board."

"The success of the Annual Fund will allow us to meet the immediate needs of Athletics so we can then focus on our long-term goals" said Bordelon. "These goals to create endowments for scholarships, salaries and, academic support along with raising capital for facility improvements are challenging; however we are very confident that our alumni, fans and local businesses know the importance of having a successful Athletic Program" Bordelon added.

Fans will soon receive brochures describing the benefits of the Annual Fund and request for their donations. For more information regarding the Annual Fund you may call (337) 482-5393.