The Cajun Crawler moves next onto 'Daily Planet' on the Discovery Channel in Canada, the week of May 11.

Don Tamosaitis, Cajun Crawler, Mechanical Engineering, University of LouisianaOn March 19th, received the following eMail:

Hi there,

I work for a science and technology show called 'Daily Planet,' which airs on the Discovery Channel in Canada. I recently came across your article about the Cajun Crawler, and think it would make a perfect fit for our show. I would love to do a short story about it and its designers, but I can't seem to find any contact info for any of them online. Would you be able to pass on a number or email address for one of the builders? Thanks very much for your time.


So we gave Sean the contact information for Dr. Terry Chambers, one of the faculty members who supervised of the Cajun Crawler, and for Don Tamosaitis, the student who led the design & construction team. As a result of that connection, the Cajun Crawler will be featured the week of May 11th on 'Daily Planet,' part of The Discovery Channel/Canada. Don talked with about it.

"Sean told us had seen the crawler on line, a friend had seen it and showed to it him. He was excited about it, and wanted to do a short piece, about 5 minutes or so, for the show.

"The week of May 11 is 'Inventors' Week,' and they want us to air then. You can see previous episodes of Daily Planet on-line, the format is almost like one of those tabloid news shows, but it's for technology & gadgets.

"They're sending in a crew on May 6th. They want to film some of our processes, show our team making parts, possibly have some of the key members interacting in a brain0storming session, and look at some of the SolidWorks designs we generated.

"They also want to see us using the CNC [Computer Numerator Control] machine. That's basically an automated machining process that lathes, mills, or cuts parts out of various materials. We have a few of them at UL. The students get to play with a CNC mill and a CNC lathe in CAM I & CAM II classes, where they teach you how to program the machines.

"Sean also wants interviews with Dr. Terry Chambers and myself. He said they'd have a film crew come over, maybe out of Baton Rouge or Houston to film it for the show.

"Once they air it, people will be able to see the episode on-line."