Petition to Defend & Advance Louisiana Education

The current Louisiana Budget proposes to cut higher education by 20% this year, and by 20% on top of that next year. K-12 if also facing large cuts.

Louisiana consistently ranks at the bottom of the nation in all areas of education, kindergarten through college. Higher education trains our teachers so it is the foundation of our schools, as well as our economy; but it one of only two areas not protected in the Constitution., working with students, teachers and education supporters from across Louisiana have created a petition to our elected officials to Amend the Louisiana Constitution, to protect and advance education, kindergarten through college, once and for all.

By adding your name to this petition, your information below (except for your eMail address) will be emailed to the Governor of Louisiana, to both US Senators, to your Congressman, to your State Senator, and to your State Legislator.

Proposed Amendment to the Louisiana Constitution:

Amendment:  That funding for public education in Louisiana at all levels be fixed at 105% of the Southern Regional Educational Board average (i.e., 5% more than the SREB average), calculated from the most recently available data and;

Defining as a benchmark the sum of all constitutionally mandated funding (including this amendment) and the average of the Health and Hospitals funding from the previous three years: That the Governor and Legislature are permitted to alter all constitutionally protected areas of the budget other than education through normal legislative procedures, whenever projected revenues for the State of Louisiana fall below 105% of the benchmark.