In 1934, UL's first president Dr. Edwin Stephens founded the Live Oak Society, a society of trees. The Society's registration now approaches 6,000 magnificent live oaks across the Deep South.

Edwin Stevens, President, University of Louisiana, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Southwestern Louisiana Industrial InstituteAdapted from The Live Oak Society website.

The Like Oak Society promotes the culture, distribution, preservation and appreciation of the live oak tree, scientifically known as Quercus virginiana.

The Live Oak Society was founded in 1934 by Dr. Edwin Lewis Stephens, the first president of the University of Louisiana (then known as Southwestern Louisiana Institute).  Stephens was one of the first to promote the beautiful oaks of the Deep South.  The orignal campus of UL is ringed with "The 20th Century Oaks," approximately 100 trees that Stephens planted on the first day of the 20th Century, from acorns he had collected from a particularly beautiful specimen in New Orleans.  Stephens also began cultivating live oaks on the UL campus, and sold them to other universities in the state.  Many of the most beautiful trees on Louisiana university campuses were planted from that program.

The Live Oak Society began with 45 members chosen by Stephens and now boasts 5958 members in 14 states and is under the auspices of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc.

The first president was "The Locke Breaux Oak" in Taft, Louisiana, which lost its life in 1968 due to air and ground water pollution.

Its successor and current president is the "Seven Sisters Oak", formerly known as "Doby's Seven Sisters." The owner who first named the tree was Carole Hendry Doby, who was one of seven sisters. "Seven Sisters Oak" is located in the Lewisburg area of Mandeville, Louisiana on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  Estimated by foresters to be 1200 years old, this tree has a girth of over 38 feet.

The first vice-president is "Middleton Oak" in Charleston, South Carolina, with a girth of 31 feet. The second vice-president is the "St. John Cathedral Oak" in Lafayette, Louisiana, measuring 27 feet. The "Lagarde Oak" in Luling, Louisiana, is third vice-president and measures 29 feet. "Martha Washington Live Oak" in Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana, is fourth vice-president and measures 28 feet in girth. The largest registered stand of 249 live oaks is in City Park, in New Orleans.

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Reg. # Name of Tree Location Parish Girth Owner/Sponsor
1 LOCKE BREAUX OAK(Deceased by pollution) Taft, LA St. Charles 35 Southern Dairy
2 ARNAUD ROBERT(Deceased) Cecilia, LA St. Martin 33.1 Mrs. Arnaud Robert
3 FREDERICK POINT (Deceased) Bayou du Large, LA Terrebonne 32 Randolph A. Bazet
4 GRANDPERE Barataria Bayou, LA Jefferson 29.04 Miss Margaret Theriot
5 POVIE Little Bayou, LA Vermilion 26.08 G. P. Sledge
6 GEORGE WASHINGTON (Deceased) Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA Orleans 28.06 George Douglass
7 MARTHA WASHINGTON Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA Orleans 27.06 George Douglass
8 MAYS Rosedale, LA Iberville 27.06 Mrs. Lelia B. Mays
9 LASTRAPES Washington, LA St. Landry 27.03 Miss G. Hebrard
10 JACKSON Thibodaux, LA Lafourche 27.02 Preston Pugh
11 KAPLAN Vermillion River, Vermillion, LA Vermillion 27.01 G. P. Sledge
12 LULING- now LAGARDE OAK-see #2120. Luling, LA St. Charles 27 Charles S. Legarde
13 PARKS NO. 1 Parks, LA St. Martin 27 Floyd Resweber
14 STANSBURY Perry, LA Vermillion 26.08 Wesley Schriever
15 HYPOLITE BARRAS St. Martinville, LA St. Martin 25.07 Edmond LeBlanc
16 BISHOP Goose Island Park, TX   25.06 Burt Potter
17 RANDALL New Roads, LA Pointe Coupee 25.03
in 2003
Mrs. B. V. Lecoq Sponsor - Laurie Hurst, owner in 1934 Owners since 1995 are Madeline and David Breidenbach
18 VOORHIES, PARK 2 Parks, LA St. Martin 25 Mrs. C. C. Potier
19 MOSSLER Bon Fouca St. Tammany 24 Jacques Mossler
20 DELISLE DeLisle, MS   24 Thomas E. Dabney
21 ETIENNE BORE Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA Orleans 23.1 George Douglass
22 DR. E. O. POWERS Grangeville, LA St. Helena 23.09 Mrs. S. B. Robinson
23 HARRIET B. STOWE Mandarin, FL   23.08 Mrs. Percy Towse
24 ST. GERMAIN Breaux Bridge, LA St. Martin 23.07 A. J. Cormier
25 LAWES Metairie, LA Jefferson 23.06 Dr. Ellis Sandos
26 OAK ALLEY Vacherie, LA St. James 22.08 Mrs. Andrew Stewart
27 POWELL Ocean Springs, MS   23.06 None listed
28 GROSSE TETE Rosedale, LA Iberville 22.06 Mrs. Delia B. Mays
29 FRANKLIN Franklin, LA St. Mary 22.03 Mrs. H. S. Palfrey
30 CANNONBALL Mandarin, FL   22.03 Mrs. Percy Towse
31 STONAKER New Roads, LA Pointe Coupee 22.02 A. M. Farland
32 KENNER Kenner, LA Jefferson 22.02 S. J. Barbe’
33 JOE JEFFERSON (Deceased by lightning) Jefferson Island, LA Iberia 22.02 J. C. Gordy
34 WALLACE Biloxi, MS   22 Dr. Jas. E. Wallace
35 GROVER CLEVELAND Avery Island Iberia 22 E. A. McIlhenny
36 NUNER Victoria, TX   22 J. V. Vandenburg, Jr.
37 BELLMAN STREET Biloxi, MS   22 None recorded
38 JOHN MCDONOGH City Park, New Orleans, LA Orleans

in 2002

Marcel Montreuil
39 E.A. MCILHENNY Avery Island, LA Iberia 21.07 E. A. McIlhenny
40 BRADLEY Berwick, LA St. Mary 21.06 John Mahoney
41 GOSSERAND New Roads, LA Pointe Coupee 21.05 A. McFarland
42 AVERY ISLAND Avery Island, LA Iberia 21.03 E. A. McIlhenny
43 DAVIS New Iberia, LA Iberia 21.01 Joseph Davis
44 SCHOOLYARD New Iberia, LA Iberia 21 None recorded
45 CRAWFORD-TULLIS Biloxi, MS   20.08 Garner H. Tullis
46 SARAH GAGNE Houma, LA Terrebonne 20.08 McDonnal School
47 HAMMOND Hammond, LA Tangipahoa 20.07 Mrs. Wm. Kirk Gray
48 PARKS # 3 Parks, LA St. Martin 20.07 Lloyd Resweber
49 BIG OAK Thomasville, GA   20.06 P. C. Andrews
50 CAMPBELL Lafayette, LA Lafayette 20.06 Catholic Cemetery