Today, UL alum Secretary of State Tom Schedler has launched the Geaux Vote mobile application. The app helps citizens find out if they are a voter, where to vote, what’s on their ballot and their voting districts.

Geaux Vote Mobile, located in the reference category, is easily found in iPhone and Android app stores by searching ‘geaux vote’ or ‘Louisiana Secretary.’ There is also a mobile site for other smartphone users. Citizens can also access the app by visiting and clicking on the Mobile Apps button. By clicking on that button you will be given the choice to download an iPhone app, Android app, utilize a mobile website formatted for smaller screens or return to

The app will allow users to search by voter to yield the most specific information, or to search by address to yield information about all voters at an address. Information on the site is encrypted. Private information such as social security numbers, e-mail addresses, full dates of birth, mother’s maiden names and entitlements to assistance in voting is not available on the website. Voter records are not linked to an address record and address records are not linked to voters to further protect registrants.

For more information, contact the Elections Division at 225.922.0900 or visit

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