President Savoie announces the hiring of Aimee Bullinger to implement conformity in UL's eMedia presence.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am pleased to announce that strategic efforts are underway to strengthen our university brand and improve our communication efforts — particularly through the Web.

A new vision for our website and a full redevelopment has begun which will reinforce our brand and create an online marketing and communication tool that will better serve the needs of our past, present, and future students—and the university.

Substantial work has already been done behind the scenes to get us moving in the right direction. We created a position to oversee the website redevelopment along with other Web and electronic communication. As associate director of electronic communication, Aimée Bullinger is the point person for our online messages, including all UL websites and university social media pages.

Aimée has over a decade of Web development and communication experience. She graduated from Illinois State University with a master’s degree focusing on visual rhetoric, communication, writing, and technology. Aimée also worked at Illinois State as a university graphic designer and Web developer.

UL’s Office of Communications and Marketing and the Office of Information Technology have formed a powerful partnership to ensure the success of our Web redevelopment. Aimée and Chief Information Officer Gene Fields developed an aggressive timeline for the website redevelopment project.

We are committed to designing a website for UL with a clear message, intuitive navigation, consistent branding, and a unified theme to better serve our students, alumni, and our faculty and staff. We will introduce a content management system that will be used across the university to create dynamic sites that are easy to maintain.

If you are planning a college, department, or organization website redesign or have one in progress, please contact Aimée at She will help you begin taking steps now to ensure your site will have the smoothest transition possible as we move forward.


E. Joseph Savoie

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