Baton Rouge --- Active Entertainment recently added substantial production space when it moved into Raleigh Studios at Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge, and located post-production facilities at LITE on the University of Louisiana campus.

Emerging into the Louisiana market four years ago, Active has since completed 12 feature films. Its latest features have had great success around the world, delivering some of the highest television ratings in its history. In addition, Active has expanded its contracts for international sales to include three more films in 2011.

Active relocated its post-production facilities to the LITE Center in the UL Research Park in Lafayette, Louisiana, as part of an arrangement with Lafayette Economic Development Authority and the Opportunity Machine, a local organization that works to accelerate the growth of technology start-ups. Active is adding staff in development, production, and post-production departments to enhance and enlarge its film activities. It has also added a music division that will be led by Lafayette, Louisiana native composer, Andrew Morgan Smith. This division will be able to score music for feature films of any size in Louisiana to assist producers in qualifying for tax incentives. Projects will continue to be shot at Active's Lafayette, Louisiana production campus as well as in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

The extraordinary facilities at Raleigh Studios, coupled with Active's team of production and post-production talent, which is led by COO Daniel Lewis, will give producers around the world a great opportunity to enable their projects to be financed, filmed, and delivered with amazing quality and lower cost.

Active Entertainment is also a charter board member of one of Louisiana's newest entertainment organizations, LIFE –Louisiana Industry for Film and Entertainment. Ken Badish, President of Active Entertainment said, "We are proud to be associated with many of the state's highly effective programs that provide tax incentives for production, training, and growth."

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About Active Entertainment
Active Entertainment has been developing, financing, producing and distributing feature films since 1993. It is one of the industries oldest and most stable companies operating in the independent film and television marketplace. Its Louisiana operations have produced and provided services for 12 films over just the past four years. Active Entertainment is capable of providing a wide range of financial and production solutions for projects ranging from small to large budget feature films along with TV series and Reality Show production.  Visit the Active Entertainment website here.

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