The Architecture program at The University of Louisiana broke ground on its latest project last month, Event House, designed to provide an affordable, livable, green space in an at-risk neighborhood around downtown and the university.

The project was imagined by Geoff Gjertson, Associate Professor of Architecture at UL, along with John Arceneaux of the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority. Students from the Architecture and Design program took on the challenge of designing this multi-functional home in the fall of 2010. The design team consisted of Graham Goodyear, Stephanie Bordelon, Michael Reid, Josh Franks, Ravelle Reed, Jessica Degate, Brant Patout, Philippe Callais, Adam Pettus, Liv Urbus, and Kyle Comeaux. They were tasked to design a home that reduces construction waste, on-site construction time, need for subcontractors, energy usage, and maintenance costs, while producing renewable energy.

Jeremy Arceneaux of the Arceneaux Construction Group aided the design team in the design and construction process. Being a graduate of the UL Architecture program he felt that the home should be built as an educational exercise. His collaboration with the students resulted in a home that can graciously accommodate life. Especially for individuals seeking a contemporary space in a quaint neighborhood within walking distance of downtown.

The house is divided into two halves: the public entertaining area and the private bedroom wing. The center transitional space bridges these two wings and provides flex space for parties or even an office. It has 1,250 square feet of living space with an additional 550 square feet of covered porches, and has two bedrooms and two baths.

The Event Home is expected to receive National Green Building Standard Rating. It sets a precedent for sustainability on a budget.

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