ultoday.com, the on-line eZine covering UL and the UL District is going to an 'Open Content' system, where everyone can contribute articles, headlines, photographs-- and their other talents as well-- and help us grow the website, the University, and Acadiana.

ultoday.com is over three years old, and we believe it's the only stand-alone media that covers an entire university. There are certainly independent magazines and websites that cover sports at various universities, but ultoday covers the entire package: how sports, teaching, research, cultural & economic development all create a dynamic community on campus, in Lafayette and across Acadiana.

This makes ultoday a priceless mechanism for building the University's political and financial support, for recruiting more and better students and student-athletes, and for fostering pride and enthusiasm among our students, staff, alumni, and particularly, our community.

Community is key. One of the many things that make UL and Acadiana special is our emphasis on our inclusive community: everyone is invited, everyone can participate. So we're opening ultoday up to the entire community. Anyone is welcome to contribute whatever he or she feels is important. By allowing everyone to contribute, we will do a better job of getting out the all of the great news about the people, the culture, and the successes at The University of Louisiana.