With the purchase of a new police cruiser from UL's SGA, the University of Louisiana Police Department and the City of Lafayette Police Department have combined resources to patrol areas off campus that are frequented by UL students.

The program – City and University Safety Program (CUSP) – is modeled after a similar agreement between Ohio State University and the Columbus Police Department. One officer from each agency will partner to patrol areas including the McKinley Street Strip, downtown Lafayette, and some apartment complexes.

UL’s Student Government Association purchased the police cruiser that will be used for the program.

Chris Groh, SGA president, said a group of students have been meeting with UP and LPD officers to discuss areas of Lafayette they visit and how to make these areas safer.

"The group’s purpose is to work with the University Police and Lafayette Police to make them aware of certain areas that are of concern to students. The group will also provide feedback to both departments on future safety programs."

Patrols will start in mid-May. "The unit with two officers will provide patrols, specialized operations, crime prevention presentations and intelligence-gathering activities, all in an effort to create a safer environment for students,” said Joey Sturm, UL police chief. “It's an opportunity for us to extend our services to our students who live near but not on campus."

LPD Police Chief Jim Craft agreed. "Both UP and LPD have a vested interest in the safety and security of UL students on and off campus," he said. "We all recognize the fact that the university has a significant number of students who live off-campus in residential and apartment areas that are contiguous to and in close proximity to the main campus."

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