No other college has an asset like  So far as we can determine, is the only stand-alone media providing comprehensive coverage for any university, anywhere.

Imagine that you are a high school athlete who is considering playing for the Cajuns. Say you are a student or parent shopping around for a strong academic program.  Maybe you're a UL alumnus, or some other interested donor who wants to support the University. Perhaps you are a university professor, looking at some position at UL.  Or possibly you're just a jobseeker considering relocating to Lafayette.

And you want to find out about UL.

Now, look at the menus on our website. Are you interested in Civil, Petroleum, or some other Engineering discipline? provides a long list of articles and headlines about the programs, all in one place. Music? Ditto. History, Physics, Marketing, Education, Architecture, you name it, you can drill down deeply into UL's successes. On one website. is a powerful repository of our history and our excellence. In three short years we have generated over 3500 articles and links to articles about UL and university-related topics. Any number of schools can easily point to as many articles about their successes.

What UL can do that they cannot, is point to all of those articles in a single place.

Correction: a single, well-organized place. The limitations of traditional print and broadcast media required that news stories be bundled together by time frame, and most journalists have not escaped that mindset. What we at the AEE realized is that electronic media provides a much more practical and valuable way to organize information, i.e., by topic.  All of this helps UL grow donations, enrollment, athletics, research, and our community. 

Again, no other college has such an asset.  Sure, many colleges have independent sports media. But one of the missions of is to constantly link sports back to the central mission of the University, and to reconnect our supporters back to education, research, and cultural & economic enrichment.

So in essence, we helping to build a University that the football team can be proud of.

Now we want to expand to publicize our University even more, to further explore and promote our excellence. We want to hire additional writers to cover more of the academics, arts, research, students-- and athletics-- that make UL such a great institution.

So we're asking you to help with that. Please contribute through our secure on-line server. Give what you can. The more you give, the more we can do.

If you can't give much, please give something. Even a $5 donation moves us forward a little.

And that moves UL, Acadiana, and the state of Louisiana forward a little.

Geaux Cajuns!

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