Moody College of Business Administration faculty member Dr. Lise Anne Slatten completed her dissertation research on the accreditation of non-profit organizations, and currently consults with organizations seeking to become accredited. She is the only licensed consultant certified by the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO) in the state of Louisiana.

Recently, Dr. Slatten has been working with the nonprofit organization Families Helping Families of Southeast Louisiana, located in New Orleans. This organization provides training, resources and family-to-family support to parents of individuals with a disability. In order for this nonprofit to obtain more funding and enhance their credibility, they are seeking to become certified by the (LANO).

As the only LANO certified consultant in the state, she is uniquely qualified to guide the organization through this 9 – 12 month process. She is also currently doing similar work with the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, which is seeking reaccreditation from the US Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Slatten teaches the capstone strategic management class in the Moody College of Business Administration.  She says that many non-profits do not realize the importance of becoming certified or accredited and tend to stray away from the labor and resource intensive exercise.  “Nonprofit organizations today are confronted with a wide range of operational and environmental obstacles. Becoming certified or accredited helps to address the problems by offering organizations ways to be more ethical, accountable and credible in the eyes of their stakeholders” said Dr. Slatten when asked about the importance of being accredited.

To aid these non-profits in the accreditation process, Dr. Slatten thoroughly analyzes all aspects of the organization, including personnel policies, board policies, fundraising and solicitation documents, and annual reports. Once all of materials are complied, she helps the organization complete the required forms and organize the documentation that would allow them to meet or exceed the standards of the particular accrediting body.

“Nonprofit organizations are operating in a changing environment today. Certification and accreditation provide independent evidence of accountability and gives nonprofits a greater chance of securing scarce resources,” said Slatten. “I continue to further develop my research by assisting organizations in their efforts to uphold their mission and adopt new standards that lead to more effective and efficient organizations. This practitioner-scholar approach keeps me grounded and makes it very meaningful work for me” she added.

For more information, eMail Dr. Slatten by clicking here, or call 337.482.1184.

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