Single performance set for 8:00PM, Nov. 22 at Fletcher Auditorium.


LAFAYETTE – The Milena Theatre Group will premiere a show celebrating the awkward life, strange death, and extraordinary work of absurdist Romanian writer Dem. Demetrescu-Buzau (pen name URMUZ) on Nov. 22 at 8 p.m. at the Fletcher Auditorium on the UL Lafayette campus.

“In the tradition of the Group’s past productions, there’s only one show,” said director Dayana Stetco. “I don’t see the point of repetition. We work on a show for four to six months. We don’t start with a text, but with an image or an idea. The play evolves naturally, through improvisation and bricolage, during the rehearsal process. Repetition serves a purpose then: it helps us shape the text, work on choreography, find new uses for old objects. Once we have a piece we’re happy with, we have only one show. I think of theatre as I think of painting or music: there is only one original painting, one perfect concert. At the end of the evening, everything is dismantled, and the performance is nothing but a memory. “

Newcomers Seth Johnson and Mike Berntsen join veteran artist, Connie Castille.

“I like working with small casts,” said Stetco. “I used to do these huge productions, but now I like minimalist plays. I’ve always wanted to adapt Urmuz’s stories for the stage. He’s one of the most interesting avant-garde Romanian writers, a cross between Kafka and Jarry. His characters are mostly exiles – people incapable of normal relationships, living in underground spaces, fond of their pet badgers, in love with inanimate objects, pathetic in their impossible quests…and yet somehow very funny.”

URMUZ opens (and closes) on Nov. 22 at the Fletcher Auditorium. The show starts at 8 p.m. URMUZ is supported by a grant from the Acadiana Arts Council, UL Lafayette English Department, and the Deep South Festival of Writers. It is for mature audiences only and the suggested donation is $5.

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