For the first meeting of the Fall Semester, the Society of Entrepreneurial Advancement (SEA) was honored to have as guest speaker Mr. Marty McVey, President and CEO of McVey and Company Investments, LCC.

McVey and Company is an investment trust company in Houston, Texas specializing in health care, real-estate & energy and also participating in joint ventures and management turnarounds.

Mr. McVey’s list of accomplishments is impressive.  In addition to his position at McVey & Co. Investments, LCC in Houston, he is shareholder or member of the Board of Directors of 13 privately held companies with diverse interests. He is also politically active and currently serves on the President’s National Advisory Board.  He has been nominated and is awaiting confirmation as a member of the USA International Development Board for International Food and Agricultural Development, a committee that controls a 4 billion dollar budget which is used to instill sustainability in smaller countries. Mr. McVey has extensive philanthropic interests and is actively involved in the Houston Community. He is also a charter member of TIE-Houston, a not-for-profit organization focused on fostering entrepreneurship through networking, mentoring, and participation in the local and global economy.

In his talk to SEA members on August 30, 2010, Mr. McVey spoke briefly about his education and training. He shared his entrepreneurial story with the students, educating them on industrial business topics and connecting lessons learned to modern affairs and encouraged students to foster their interest in entrepreneurship. McVey tells students the best qualities of an entrepreneur are the sacrifices they are willing to make and their openness to change. Students were encouraged to participate in an open discussion, asking Mr. McVey questions ranging from what was his worst investment to what is his model for selecting an investment.

Mr. McVey commended SEA for their promotion and expansion of the entrepreneurial mindset to university students. SEA and Mr. McVey agree that the sharing experience from industry people is important to inspire students. SEA will continue its efforts to bring in guest speakers and to promote entrepreneurship on campus.

Mr. McVey told the attendees of Monday’s meeting that he will be sending them each a copy of John Hofmeiser’s new book, Why Do We Hate the Oil Companies?, autographed by the author. Mr. Hofmeiser is a personal friend of Mr McVey and is the CEO of Affordable Energy and a former CEO of Shell Oil. His book is straight forward talk from an energy insider and should provide an interesting perspective.

SEA wishes to extend their thanks to Mr. Marty McVey for sharing his expertise, to Billy and Denny Guilbeau from Southside Bakery who provided food for the event, and to SGA for their sponsorship.

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