The University of Louisiana Mathematics Department is hosting the inaugural EC2², "Enhancing Content for Comprehension in Undergraduate Mathematics Institute" on May 20 - 21, 2010.

The focus of the Institute is undergraduate mathematics instruction that emphasizes the understanding and interpretation of mathematics and calculations.

Teaching students to understand and comprehend mathematics satisfies initiatives set forth by the mathematical community and curriculum goals set forth by colleges and universities.

To this end, the institute will create a network of experts and peers from across the country to support and encourage college faculty in accomplishing these goals.

Featured speakers will include:

Deborah Hughes Hallett, Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School for Government and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. She graduated from Cambridge University in England and has taught at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. Her work is on strategies to improve the teaching of mathematics, and she is interested in promoting international cooperation between mathematicians. With Andrew Gleason at Harvard, she organized the Calculus Consortium for Higher Education and started a foundation to promote innovative curriculum and pedagogy. She has served on committees for the National Academy of Sciences and organized three international conferences on the teaching of mathematics. She is a fellow of the American Advancement of Science and the author or coauthor of seven books, which have been translated into several languages. Her work has been recognized by prizes from Harvard, Arizona, the Association for Women in Mathematics, and the Mathematical Association of America.

William G. McCallum, a University Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1956, he received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Harvard University in 1984, under the supervision of Barry Mazur. After spending two years at the University of California, Berkeley, and one at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, he joined the faculty at the University of Arizona in 1987. In 1989 he joined the Harvard calculus consortium, and is the lead author of the consortium's multivariable calculus and college algebra texts. In 1993-94 he spent a year at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, and in 1995-96 he spent a year at the Institute for Advanced Study on a Centennial Fellowship from the American Mathematical Society. In 2005 he received the Director's Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars from the National Science Foundation. In 2006 he founded the Institute for Mathematics and Education at the University of Arizona. He was Director of the Institute until 2009 and now chairs its advisory board. His professional interests include arithmetical algebraic geometry and mathematics education. He has received grants and written articles, essays, and books in both areas.

Beverly K. Michael, Senior Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh. Her area of research is mathematics pedagogy focusing on pre-calculus and calculus instruction.  She is the co-author of college textbook Explorations in College Algebra from Wiley.

Karen Rhea, Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Michigan.

The schedule of events and registration form is posted on the EC² Institute website.

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