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The Vermilion Supports LSU?

The Flagship Fallacy

Why UL Should Focus on Engineering

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Laude, Laude: Does Commencement Honor the Wrong Things?

ultoday's 3rd Anniversary: What You Read, What We Learned

University Blight & University Bling

Accountability and Graduation Rates

Liberal, Conservative, Intolerant

Don't Fear the Moratorium

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C'mon, Bobby, Build Education

Smart Growth: Toward a UL Master Plan

Should You Switch to LUS Fiber?

How To Survive a Humiliating Loss

Destroying Innovation: Community v. Society

A Community of Innovators: Families as Role Models

A Community of Innovators: The 15 Year Plan

Higher Ed's Share of the Cuts

Steve Oubre, Smart Growth Architect

Why Doesn't The Humane Society Grow Up?

What is Lafayette's #1 Industry?

Why Lafayette is Not an Oil Town

The Humane Society, Nightline and UL's NIRC: A Hatchet Job?

Athletics: Critical Investment

What's a Fan To Do?

The UL District Transit System

Academic Tailgating

UL's Logo Crisis

The No-Shows

Players vs Fans: A Double Standard

What Makes a Winning Program?

When is #2 Better than #1?

What is the Ideal Athletics Program?

Diversity of Thought, University Athletics, and the Zero-Sum Game

Should UL Continue Athletics?

What is the Goal of Education?

Saving Money with Open Source

Are Colleges Too Liberal?

A Different Approach to Term Limits

UL's Logo: Three, or One?

Green Fuels, Fossil Fuels, Government Subsidies

The UL District

The Most Powerful Generation